Measurement Forensics

Engineering forensic analysis of a carbon monoxide case comprises of well designed CO measurements and/or modeling. 

This becomes pivotal in non-fatal and/or chronic CO exposure cases where victims suffer neurological damage. Quantifying CO exposure such as “how much CO?”, “what concentration?” and “length of exposure?” are crucial elements in “closing the loop” with physiological evidence.

Was the source CO concentration quantified?

Were CO air free measurement undertaken (?) in order to determine if suspect appliance(s) comply with ANSI carbon monoxide emission limits?

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What were the resultant ambient CO concentration levels? (and for what period of time?)

Obtaining ambient field measurements of CO concentrations is more complex than analyzing air free exhaust gas due to the non restrictive air dynamics one finds in a environment such as a home. Walking with a CO meter in hand is unacceptable. The act of walking with the monitor creates microplumes that distorts CO data readings that would be a point of contention.