Books and Encyclopedia Chapters

  •  Investigation of Nanosized Molybdenum Oxide – Titanium Oxide and Tungsten Oxide Thin Films for Gas Sensing – Application to Vehicle Cabin Air Quality Monitoring for Fatigue and Suicide Prevention (PDF)
  • Chapter 8 – Air Quality, Gas Sensor Application to Vehicle Cabin (PDF)
  • “Car Cabin Air Quality Sensors and Systems” Encyclopedia of Sensors, Edited by C.A. Grimes, American Scientific Puplishers, 2006. (PDF)
  • “Carbon Monoxide Sensors and Systems”, CO Book Edition 3, CRC Press, 2007, Editor: David G. Penney (PDF)


  • A vehicle cabin air quality monitor for increased automobile safety, K.Galatsis and W.Wlodarksi, Australia provisional patent.
  • MOF Sensors, US and International Patent grated (in collaboration with BASF) (PDF)

Selected Journal Publications

  • K.Galatsis, W.Wlodarksi, B.Wells, and S.McDonald, “Vehicle Cabin Air Quality monitor for fatigue and suicide prevention,” 2000 SAE Transactions – Journal of Passenger Car – Mechanical Systems. September 2001. (PDF)
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  • K. Galatsis, L. Cukrov  W. Wlodarski, P. McCormick, K.Kalantar-zadeh, E. Comini, G. Sberveglieri, “P-type and n-type Fe-doped SnO2 gas sensors fabricated by the mechanochemical processing technique” Sensors and Actuators B: 93/1-3 pp. 562-565, 2003. (PDF)
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  • K. Galatsis, R. Potok, and K. L. Wang, “A Review of Metrology for Nanoelectronics,” Semiconductor Manufacturing, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 20, pp. 542-548, 2007. (PDF)

Selected International Conference Proceedings

  • Galatsis, K.; Wlodarski, W.; Li, Y. X.; Kalantar-zadeh, K. In Vehicle cabin air quality monitor using gas sensors for improved safety, Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials and Devices, 2000. COMMAD 2000. Proceedings Conference on, 2000; 2000; pp 65-68. (PDF)
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  • K.Galatsis, W.Wlodarski, and J.Edgar, “Reducing access to means for suicide prevention,” The 8th National suicide prevention conference and inaugural walk for life, April 2001, Sydney, Australia.
  • K. Galatsis, W. Wlodarski, K. Kalantar-Zadeh, A. Trinchi, “Investigation of gas sensors for vehicle cabin air quality monitoring”, Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials and Devices, 2002 Conference on , 11-13 Dec. 2002, Page(s): 229 –232 (PDF)

Selected Papers Referencing K.Galatsis

  • Technical Feasibility Study Carbon Monoxide Sensing Safety Systems for Appliances, AHRI Project 8001/GTI PROJECT NUMBER 20894 (LINK)