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K.Galatsis is an expert in carbon monoxide gas detection/sensing and characterization, carbon monoxide sensors and detectors, carbon monoxide poisoning event reconstruction, sensor operation and failure mechanisms and CO detector placement. He had advised and consulted on a wide variety carbon monoxide toxicity cases and has undertaken hundreds of carbon monoxide tests of various detectors and sensors in various laboratory and field situations. He has invented various carbon monoxide systems and sensors, designed and developed carbon monoxide systems and products, published in peer reviewed journals, presented at international conferences and have continuously been at the forefront of the carbon monoxide sensor technology field. He invented the worlds first “Automobile air quality monitor” to prevent exhaust gas suicides and driver fatigue induced by carbon monoxide and oxygen depletion. He has designed and developed ozone monitors, smoke/particulate analyzers, combustion monitors, NOx sensors, CO2 sensors, O2 detectors, alcohol sensors and has demonstrated various toxic gas triggered interlock systems. In 1999 “Best IEEE Graduate Paper in Australia (1999)” for the paper titled “Vehicle Cabin Air Quality monitor for fatigue and suicide prevention” and recently published in Medicine, Science and the Law which is the official journal of the British Academy for Forensic Sciences titled “Gathering Engineering Evidence for Carbon Monoxide Toxicity Cases”. From 2005-2015 he was Associate Professor with the Material Science and Engineering Department at UCLA, Los Angeles.